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Windshield Replacement

MasterGlass Autoglass is an industry leading company in the windshield replacement and windshield repair industry. At MasterGlass we use only the highest quality windshields and adhesives. We offer the fastest drive away time after your replacement windshield has been installed getting you back on the road with only one hour of cure time. We pride our selves in doing the most professional and best quality job that the replacement windshield industry can offer while still saving you money.

Windshield replacement process for cars and trucks:

We accept any out of province insurance and fleet company accounts. We are set up with all the major fleet companies to take care of your windshield replacement directly at our shop. There is no need to worry about your payment if you carry a fleet card as MasterGlass can directly bill your fleet company.

The first step in getting you your new replacement windshield in your vehicle is to get the damaged one out. We use leading edge tools and have certified professional installers to take apart your vehicle. First we will take off your wiper arms and plastic cowl located at the bottom of your windshield. The next step is to take the side and top moldings off. After these two steps are completed your damaged windshield is exposed and were ready to extract it. We’ll either use cold knifes to cut through the old seal or a power tool called an extractor to release the windshield from the seal.

After we have released the damaged windshield from its seal and have taken it off your vehicle our next step is to prepare the pinch weld for the new seal. We will trim away the excess old adhesive called urethane and then clean the area so it’s free of contaminants. Next we put a primer with a rust inhibitor on any area on the pinch weld that has exposed metal or scratches so our urethane will adhere and your vehicle wont rust. The next step is to apply the new urethane to the pinch weld so we can install your new replacement windshield. We heat our urethane up to 40 degrees Celsius and then use an electric caulking gun to apply it to the pinch weld. Once we have applied the urethane seal to the entire pinch weld we have eight minutes to install your replacement windshield. We attach two suction cups to your new windshield and then put it in place using two people so it’s installed in the exact location it was removed from.

The final step in the windshield replacement process is to re assembly your car and clean the glass. Our professionals will make sure that your vehicle is put back together in the exact same way it was assembled from your vehicles manufacture.


At MasterGlass Autoglass we pride ourselves on our quality of work so we have no problem giving you a lifetime warranty on every windshield replacement installation.

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