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ADAS Calibration

Kelowna & Penticton


OEM approved in-house calibration

Windshield Replacement

At MasterGlass your safety is our number one priority. This is why we have dedicated many resources to become the first fully certified independent Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Re-Calibration facility. We currently use the most extensive top of the line Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration equipment. This ensures we can re-calibrate 92% of the vehicles on the road today with that number increasing every month as more updates are released. If your vehicle has any ADAS features such as a lane departure warning system, forward collision alert, forward mitigating braking, etc you will need to have these systems immediately re-calibrated after replacing your windshield.

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We have sent multiple technicians down to the USA where they stay and complete a fully comprehensive training program that comes with an extensive certification based on testing.  This is very important as we have to ensure the technicians working on your ADAS systems are fully educated on the process and equipment they are working with. At MasterGlass we can save you valuable time and money by doing your calibration in our facility immediately after your windshield replacement. This saves you from having to make a separate appointment at the dealership and brining it over to them for the whole day. It also ensures your ADAS safety system is working as it is intended to the exact moment you leave our shop.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are becoming increasingly more popular in the automobile market today. Transport Canada has said that to receive a five-star crash safety rating on a new automobile it must have a front and rear facing camera. Thus, being said most new vehicle manufactures today are putting ADAS features on their vehicles. There are three ways MasterGlass can re-calibration your ADAS safety features on your vehicle.

Dynamic Calibration

Insurance Approved

Is a process using an on board computer while driving that communicates with the vehicle's computer to accurately re calibrate the camera and confirm that ADAS features are function as intended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Static Calibration

A process carried out in the MasterGlass service centre that is more detailed and equipment orientated. It requires targets to be set up at specific parameters. Then an external computer is plugged into the vehicle. The external computer re-calibrates the ADAS safety systems as it communicates with targets, vehicles computer, and then runs a scan to ensure the re-calibration has met the manufacturers specifications.

Universal Calibration

Is a combination of a Dynamic and a Static Calibration. The Static calibration is done first in the MasterGlass service centre and then the Dynamic calibration is done right after on the public roads.

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